Poweramp pro music player is one of the most downloaded music player in Google Play Store. Its free version is trial but the pro version is paid. So don’t you want the pro version for free? Here on apkverse our motto is free will. So here I will detail the benefits of having the Poweramp pro version.


Plays all kinds of files like FLACC and high grade studio formats. It has a very aesthetically pleasing interface. Although Poweamp pro apk can be hard to find, but its pro apk features outweigh the time you spend it finding. But if you wanna avoid the hassle for yourself and save time, come to apkverse.com and get all the latest apks, mods, rare apks, premium apks and a lot more. Poweramp Pro is one of those apks that you get here




  • Powerful amp for bass and treble booster
  • Has gapless play
  • Dowloads any album arts thats missing
  • Android locksreen visualizer

Why choose Poweramp pro apk over trial one:

  1. Has all the features unlocked from beforehand
  2. Basically gives you better user experience
  3. Adding songs to playlists and favorites
  4. No ads
  5. All special features unlocked




Poweramp Pro apk


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